Caring for your Cloth Pads

 Washing and caring for your Intimates is simple and not as hard as one might think!


Pre Washing your Intimates

 For new cloth pads you will need to pre wash them to allow them to reach maximum absorbency (all bamboo/velour/jersey/flannel have been pre washed/shrunk so you may notice some piling to the flannel)

All of the Intimates range are made with highly absorbable inner cores consisting of natural and synthetic fibres. 

Synthetic fibres do not need a lot of preparation before use, they simply need a hot wash with a small amount of washing detergent  and you can either dry on medium heat or line dry if you prefer.

Whereas Natural Fibres (nearly all intimates have a natural fibre component - bamboo) need a little more pre use care.  We recommend at least 3 hot washes and warm dry cycles to prepare the absorbency level of the inner core.   The more washes it has the better the absorbency will be.


Which is best Wet or Dry Pail?

Wet and Dry pail are the two main methods used for storing worn pads whilst awaiting washing.

We recommend dry pailing but we will let you decide which suits you best.


Wet Pail - You will need a container with a fitted cover/lid (bucket, ice-cream container etc.).  Place a small amount of water into the container and then place used pad into container and replace lid.  You will need to drain and replace water each day and we don’t recommend you soak them for more than 2 days at a time as soaking for longer periods of time may reduce the effectiveness of the PUL (waterproof layer).  Then simply drain water and drop them into your next load of washing.


Dry Pail - You will need some sort of storage container or you may choose to use what is known as a ‘wet bag’ which is a waterproof sealable bag commonly used for storing Modern Cloth Nappies.  Once you have decided on your storage container, you simply place your dirty pads in and seal. We suggest rinsing in either the laundry tub or under the shower head to remove excess blood (helps reduce staining also) before bagging but this is not essential.  As with the wet pail we still recommend washing at least every 2 days to avoid bacteria breeding or mold and mildew growing.  Pads will need to be soaked in cold water over night in either a bucket or I use the soak cycle of the washing machine then washed as any normal load of washing.



You need to choose a good quality, safe & gentle detergent to maintain maximum absorbency or your inner core fibres.  But most importantly gentle on your skin as it will be in contact with some sensitive areas!  We highly recommend AVOIDING the use if detergent with high chemical content.  Earth Choice is what we use here.

You can wash your Intimates with your clothes, towels or even with your cloth nappies if you use them.  We suggest doing a cold rinse (no detergent) cycle first followed by a hot cycle (with ¼ the detergent that is recommended) followed by a cold rinse again.  It is essential NOT to use too much detergent or you will cause a build-up on your absorbent reducing effectiveness.  Tea tree oil is a great way to deodorize and help disinfect your pads – but only a few drops in the rinse and we recommend using canisten laundry rinse if you have had any sort of bacterial infections (thrush).


Tips & Don'ts

  • Make sure you avoid Chlorine bleaches, vinegar and Napisan bleach.
  • Don’t use Fabric Softener or washing liquid that may have a moisturiser or softner included as it will leave a build-up on your absorbent layers reducing absorbency and possibly causing leaks.
  • Sun is your best natural bleaching agent. 

If you still have a stain that needs removing you can use oxygen based cleaner or Ruby's Red Wash.