Choosing your Nappy

There are 2 main choices when fitting and sizing your Modern Cloth Nappy - sized and one size fits most (OSFM).

Sized nappies come in variety of sizes including newborn, small, medium, large and extra large (in some makes).  There is no standard size when purchasing MCN's as one makers large may be another's makers medium.  To get a good fit we recommend measuring your child.  The weight ranges are an average and will fit each child differently but generally these nappies offer a great fit as they are tailored for the child's size.

OSFM are just that.  These normally fit most babies from birth right up to toilet training.  So these are normally a good investment for cloth mums wanting to save a little bit of money.

BnB offer both varieties. Divine OSFM and Trimsies Sized (both are a side snap design). 

Divine OSFM  4.5kg - 18kg

The Divine is a stylish slim fit All in Two (AI2) nappy. All in twos are similar to an all in one except the booster system is seperate and not permantly attached to the shell.  All in two nappies do not require a cover as they have a hidden waterproof layer of Polyurethane Laminate or PUL sandwiched between the outer and inner fabric.  Advantages of all in twos are you can purchase more than one soaker if you wish so you can reuse the outer cover a couple of times before washing and they normally dry faster than most all in one nappies.

The Divine has a narrower crotch but still offers excellent bottom coverage. It has a slightly higher rise, staggered snap placement, gentle tummy elastic (optional), and rolled leg elastics for a superb fit.  It also has an easy 2 snap booster system making it fool proof for dads too.



 Trimsies Sized Pattern

 I an official licensed Trimsies seamstress and make these in small, medium and large.  Trimsies are designed with a low rise so that they sit below the belly button and are a very trim fit through the crotch also.  All my nappies are made with extra snaps and rolled elastics with tummy elastic as an optional extra as well.

 Small 2.5 - 5.5kg

 Medium - 5 - 10kg

 Large 8 - 16kg