CCPS Ocean Princess 1meter

CCPS Ocean Princess 1meter

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Fabric is end of line and pre cut so will be sold per piece. 

DO NOT COMBINE RETAIL WITH PRE ORDERS TOGETHER WHEN ORDERING (yes we can combine postage upon request should wish to make more than one purchase).

  • Minky - 220gsm / 100% Polyester / 145cm wide
  • PUL - 180gsm / 100% Polyester / 145cm wide 

* Flaws within 2inches of the selvage or less than 5c piece will be classed as minor flaws and will be classed as suitable for use. As fabric is custom printed and all bases soak the colour differently there will be some variations between different bases. 

* Slight Flaws can be but not limited to small white dots, possible colour bleeding and colour variation.  These are not classed as MAJOR flaws and fabric will be sent out.

* Occasionally fabric may have marks on the back. These will not class as a flaw unless it has passed though the fabric.